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- Sterling, Kansas

As January nears we are in the final preparations for the next LAN. Our ten year celebration and we're working on making it one to remember for all. We've changed a few things up like offering premium and team seating for those who want a little more from their LAN experience. We're going to have a concessions area with hamburgers, hot dogs, candy bars, and I'm sure Joe "Snotco" Gilliam will have all his fixin's as well.

We've got SO many sponsors on board this year providing you with some awesome swag that we'll give away in a raffle. We can't thank them enough for what they do. Please visit their websites and purchase their products. Without them Kansas LAN would not be, and could not happen. We are truly indebted to them!

Since it is a ten year celebration we are giving away 4 premium seats at the regular cost to some members that have been there from the beginning or have gone above and beyond in helping make the LAN possible. They are:

  • Shannon "KillZone" Unrein
  • Caleb "SpecialK" Hoyt
  • Skylar "Titan" Glass
  • Joe "Snotco" Gilliam.

    We're doing team table seating this year. There are teams and groups of people who come to the LAN and want to sit together. We've made that much easier this year selling team seating for $20 for two tables (for a maximum of 6 for those 2 tables). We will reserve that seating area for your group or team ensuring seating availability for all. You will also be charged this fee ($20) if you bring more than one monitor or monitor/tv larger than 28". If you don't like that, don't come, don't bring more than one monitor, or take up too much space. Pretty simple. :)

    For those who want to volunteer for setup/tear down or helping with the LAN we're offering volunteer pricing at the pre-pay price no matter the date of purchase.

    All of the pricing details can be seen on the LAN Signup Page where you can purchase any combination of seating arrangements you want.

    This year will feature the Kansas LAN Olympics again, laser tag, and a scooter obstacle course. We'll be hosting tournaments in Super Smash Bros, CS:GO, League of Legends, and possibly Supraball. Check back later for more updates.

    See you in January!!!

    Mutual Telephone Company

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    Computer Power User

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